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No-installInspectionXpert OnDemand is first article and in process inspection software that automates the creation of a bubbled print and inspection report. InspectionXpert OnDemand’s easy access requires no installation, completely eliminating the need for IT support. Users simply click on a web link to instantly launch the software and always have access to the latest version each time they log on. Monthly subscription access also means low commitment so you can get started seeing your return on investment immediately.


Use-PDF-TIFFInspectionXpert for PDF is first article and in process inspection software that automates the creation of a bubbled print and inspection report. InspectionXpert for PDF™ reads in your PDF and TIFF inspection drawings. As you capture each dimension, InspectionXpert for PDF automatically adds a uniquely numbered balloon and captures the data so you can review it for accuracy before exporting to a ballooned PDF drawing or to an excel-based inspection report form.

Just click and drag to capture each inspection dimension and InspectionXpert for PDF uses searchable text recognition or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the quantity, nominal dimension, plus and minus tolerances and type. InspectionXpert captures horizontal and vertical dimensions, split dimensions, notes, hole callouts, finish symbols, and GD&T feature control frames.

Measurement Xpert

MeasurementXpertMeasurementXpert is an add-on that works with either InspectionXpert for PDF or InspectionXpert OnDemand. Enter your measured values directly inside your InspectionXpert project.  You can enter values for each piece to be inspected or connect digital calipers to your computer with a USB cable or keyboard wedge to enter measurement values automatically.


CMM Xpert

CMMXpertThe combination of InspectionXpert with the new CMMXpert add-on gives quality departments a way to quickly merge their CMM report values into their inspection drawings and create professional and complete inspection reports.

CMMXpert enables users to import measurement results from their CMM routines and reconcile them with the expected values from the InspectionXpert project to create a complete inspection report.

For CAD Drawings and Models

InspectionXpert's CAD versions automate the creation of a bubbled print and inspection report directly from popular CAD programs. Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone processes for a time savings of more than 90%.  Seamless integration into the CAD software provides direct access to the necessary dimensions, tolerances, units and custom properties of your drawings or models. In just a few clicks you can instantly create ballooned drawings and inspection reports including AS9102 and PPAP forms, First article inspection reports (FAI), control plans and any custom report of your choice.

Revision changes are a breeze with InspectionXpert. Just refresh your inspection project with InspectionXpert when you have a revision change and accept the changes to quickly re-balloon your drawing or model and instantly export to a new inspection report form.

InspectionXpert works with 2D inspection drawings created directly from AutoCAD, Solid Edge, CATIA, SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer or Creo.  InspectionXpert also works with 3D models in CATIA. InspectionXpert's CAD versions run as add-ins to popular CAD software programs and require the respective CAD software in order to function.

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