2007 B&S DCC CMM With V4.2 PCDMIS PRO For Sale CMM

  • Description:

     Like new 2007 B&S DCC Gage CMM Serial Number 035119 with V4.2 PCDMIS PRO software. Comes with a manual Tesastar touch trigger probe. The CMM is in use at a ISO/IEC 17025 calibration, inspection and testing lab. We here at Apex Metrology Solutions can demo the CMM, if you would like to see the CMM run. Measuring Range 458mm x 510mm x 406mm Accuracy: 2.5 + 5L / 1000µm. Prepping, shipping, installation and calibration is the buyers responsibility. The CMM can be quoted to be upgraded with a Tesastar automatic head and upgraded to PCDMIS Cad++ software.

  • Price: $33,150
  • Brand: B&S
  • Year: 2007
  • Software: V4.2 PCDMIS PRO software

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