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Specialty Gauging

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There are thousands upon thousands of different gages out there in the world. Every one of them has a specific need with a specific accuracy. Our Lab specializes in helping with the special ones, nothing usual and mundane here. We don’t mess with calibration of “simple” gages; no plug gages, calipers or micrometers. We check the gages that companies have made special. We can’t tell you what these look like because they are all different, they are all specialtygauging2unique. Specialty Gaging comes in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a simple gage to check the radius of a part in the manufacturing process, to a specialty gage used by Medical Device manufacturers to check multiple aspects of a part for final inspection. Our lab has a highly accurate Vision System that comes in very handy when it comes to checking these special gages. Not only being highly accurate, but also having the ability to zoom in to the smallest of views becomes invaluable when we are checking the unique gages. Our customers rely on us giving them the most accurate data possible and we pride ourselves on doing just that.

At times these specialty gages will be gages that an OEM has given to their suppliers to make sure incoming product meets their specifications. In these cases we help the OEM by setting up a Supplier Gage Inspection Program. We negotiate pricing structures and logistics up front and communicate with the suppliers to make specialtygauging3sure the gages that are integral to the manufacturing of good parts are kept up to the OEM specifications. We take out the hassle of the supplier having to search for a suitable Inspection Resource and provide them with the same exceptional service we would provide the OEM. A bad specialty gage at the supplier level can mean nightmares down the road for everyone involved, and then nobody wins.

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