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Zeiss Programming

ziess (1)Would you let just anyone drive your favorite car? Would you let just anyone work on your favorite motorcycle? No, not just anyone gets to do these things, we all have standards. Those same standards apply to your Zeiss CMM Investment, you shouldn’t let just anyone write the programs for it. You understand the importance of having the right tool for the job. Why wouldn’t you want the best programmers programming your machine?

ziess (6)Our team of programmers understands Calypso inside and out. Whether we are writing an offline program that will be uploaded to your CMM or if we are sitting at your CMM writing onsite, we know what it means to have a flawless program. We understand what it means for you to have true data. One bad feature can cause an epic fail internally. We help you generate solid programs from the beginning.

ziess (8)Whether we program at your location or at ours, the Apex process starts with a very detailed plan and ends with us “proving out” our program in your environment. We have lengthy discussions before we start your project to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page, from discussing GD&T and datums, to alignments and more. We make sure we understand your process ziess (9)and parts before we put it on the granite. At the end of the project we run the program multiple times to show the repeatability of the program and to make sure you are happy with the program and the subsequent data.

At the end of the day our number one goal is that your programs give you good data.  Repeatable data makes our world go "round".  And we know it does the same for yours.  


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